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Cutting & Grinding:

How to optimize the usage of the key element of auto-components manufacturer's production line.

  • Process Control and use of sensors for High Productivity and Quality in metal grinding.
  • Development of Electrical Discharge Machining as a vital manufacturing process in tool manufacturing.
  • Adaptive adjustment of Boring Cutters to ensure precision.
  • Form optimization of Bevel Gear Flank employing 6 axes CNC approach with distinct advantages.
  • Cost Reduction and Part Function improvement by using Abrasive Flow and Electro Chemical Machining

Forging & die casting:

How to economically manufacture demanding components.

  • Hybrid forging technology as a way to further lightweighting of automotive products.
  • Differential-heating-based forging process as the solution to create hollow shafts with flange or cone features.
  • Multi-slide die casting process for achieving complex components at high volumes.


How to utilize the versatility of lasers in enhancing your production capabilities.

  • New approach of Water-jet guided Laser for micro machining of precision parts.
  • Laser cladding as a precision tool for making wear protection layers.
  • Rapid tuning of the fibre laser spot size as the solution for dealing with various metal sheet thickness.
  • Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and 3-D Metal Printing – future of parts manufacturing?


The economy of the sheet-forming processes concerning the material and energy consumption.

  • How to avoid wrinkling and web warping in Flange forming technology.
  • Optimization of hot forming process using data mining techniques and finite element method to achieve superior product quality.
  • Wet Moulding of CFRP parts as cost effective technology to produce high quality parts with short cycle time and minimal production steps.
  • Development of Flow Forming and Spin Forming machines for the needs of automotive component.