The Asian Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Packaging Summit will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on May 7-8, 2019.

This summit will focus on two categories: "improvement of food manufacturing efficiency" and "application of functional beverages".

Innovations around refined foods, food enrichment and innovation, breakthroughs in refined food manufacturing, functional drinks for the beverage market, healthy conceptualized functional drinks.


How to economically manufacture sustainable packaging that will attract customers?

  • How to meet rising demand for single serve, smaller packaging
  • Increased label scrutiny and ingredient list simplicity
  • Positioning improvement, by use of eco-friendly bioplastics
  • How to reduce costs of PET bottling
  • Best trends to exploit in packaging: limited editions, on-the-go and bulk.
  • Flexible equipment for the SKU explosion
  • Perfecting synchronization between packaging and processing operations
  • Roasting-enabling packaging for seafood


How to meet new clean-label stringent trends and become trending brand yourself?

  • Bio preservatives
  • Organic substitutes for white sugar
  • Growing interest in plant-based F&B substitutes in ingredients, flavourings, sweeteners and protein sources
  • How to deal with increase of gluten allergies by using non-wheat functional flower
  • Innovative plant source hydrocolloids
  • How to substitute fructose in juice concentrate market


How to increase value added while lowering the production cost?

  • Improved F&B food safety and hygienic preparation
  • Ethical positioning, such as Halal, recycled, eco-friendly or organic
  • Additive-free product formulations
  • Advancements on the field of mycotoxins binders
  • Reduced the use of artificial colors and flavors