Vietnamese Food, Beverage and Packaging Industries looking for Expert Speakers!

"Asia Manufacturing: Food, Beverages and Packaging Summit 2019" goal is to provide a professional platform for technical exchange, trends discussion, market overview and most importantly - business networking.

If you are a technology innovator, expert manufacturer, market analyst, technical solutions provider - show the industry your expertise and strengthen your brand, by becoming the Speaker!

Contact person: Timothy Bryx (Mr.);

Lai-Ying Fong (Associate Professor at Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong)

Lai-Ying Fong

Associate Professor at Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

With more than twenties years working experience in food manufacturing, food quality control and food safety inspection, providing food training and consultancy for food industry, Ms Fong had published hundreds of articles scripts in the industrial newspapers, magazines and newsletter..etc. She has published three books on areas of “Food Safety” published in AY 2013, 2015, 2017. Her materials reached also digital media, with more than thirty episodes on topics related to “food manufacture, technology and quality control” produced by the Hong Kong Multi-media, including TVB, HK Broadcast and Movie News.

Sam Gao (Co-founder and Senior Analyst of TopGuide Advisory Shanghai & Dong Feng Capital)

Sam Gao

Co-founder and Senior Analyst of TopGuide Advisory Shanghai & Dong Feng Capital

Co-founder of TopGuide Advisory Shanghai, which assists in fund-raising in the food industry, and senior consultant to Dong Feng Capital (VC and PE), both investing in the food industry globally. A dedicated observer and writer on the bakery market scenes from a cross-country perspective.

Formerly a Rabobank analyst and research manager in Mintel and Euromonitor after being a Xinhua journalist for seven years.

Thien Trung Le (CEO of Nong Lam Food)

Thien Trung Le

CEO of Nong Lam Food

Mr Le is not only a successful CEO of healthier food products manufacturing company. He is also a Lecturer and Head of the Department of Food Engineering at Nong Lam University with extensive knowledge of Novel Technologies for Food Processing (Membrane separation, Microwave processing, Irradiation)
Extraction of bioactive components, functional foods and more).

Carmen Man Ka Mun (Chairperson at Hong Kong Food Professionals Association)

Carmen Man Ka Mun

Chairperson at Hong Kong Food Professionals Association

- Technical Expert (Food Catergory) of Hong Kong Q-mark Council
- Lecturer at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Vocational Training Council
- IRCA FSMS Auditor
- Certification Board Member for the Organic Certificate from the Hong Kong Organic Resources Centre, managed by the Baptist University
- External Examiner in City University of Hong Kong (“CityU”) for the programmes offered by the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)
- Chairperson of Hong Kong Food Hygiene and Administrator Association

Irenelle Medalla (Position: QA and Research and Development Supervisor (pioneer R&D) at Dairy Technologies Corporation)

Irenelle Medalla

Position: QA and Research and Development Supervisor (pioneer R&D) at Dairy Technologies Corporation

An R&D expert, responsible for the whole production chain, from setting up specifications for raw materials, finished product specifications, process flow, manufacturing procedure and material specifications; responsible for adhering to ISO, FDA, CODEX and other international standards, Ms Medalla is an expert when it comes to developing affordable and premium processed cheeses with highest possible gross margin. Especially that last quality makes her the so much sought professional.

Teri Teo (Director & Business Development Director of Learth Group & PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd)

Teri Teo

Director & Business Development Director of Learth Group & PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd

Mr. Teri Teo has been extensively working in the plastics industry for more than 20 years specialized in Eco-product applications and market development in Asia Pacific. He is also the founder of Learth (S) Pte Ltd and PS Food and Beverage (S) Pte Ltd invited as guest speaker in Asia for 1st Bio-plastics Asia 2009,Thailand, Eco-Design 2009 Japan, Degradable Plastic Seminar 2010, Indonesia, Singapore Green Entrepreneurship Symposium I 2011, the 3rd Annual Asia Pacific food Tech, Innovation and safety conference 2013, and Specialty Packaging Films Asia 2014, Thailand. He is awarded the spirit of entrepreneurs 2010, OCBC emerging enterprise finalist2011 and best innovation awards 2011 from SingTel.
PS Food and Beverage S) Pte Ltd is been recently awards
World Star packaging Awards 2015 and SPA 2017.

He is also in committee member of Packaging of Singapore and committee member of Food & Beverage group in Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

Peter Thoeysen (Commercial Director for Bioprotection of Chr. Hansen)

Peter Thoeysen

Commercial Director for Bioprotection of Chr. Hansen

With a M.Sc. in Business Administration and Marketing and more than 9 years of experience within sales and marketing at Danfoss and Chr. Hansen, Mr Thoeysen have developed strong competencies within international business development on industrial and food ingredients markets and been a driving force behind the development and implementation of Value Selling Principles in sales and marketing to B2B customers and facilitated change processes in sales organizations on all continents.