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Smart factories has become a hot topic in Thailand, with manufacturers realizing the importance of technology to enhance efficiency, safety, and overall competitiveness.

In recent years, Thailand has established itself as an important manufacturing hub in the ASEAN region, garnering a reported US$136 billion in 2018 and the export industry contributing to more than 65 percent of the country's GDP. This holds particularly true for the automotive industry where Thailand holds the lion share in the ASEAN market (49%). However, with rapid technology development and the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things, the country has been struggling to keep up with the necessary technological adoption for Industry 4.0.

Therefore, along with billion-dollar investments in infrastructure development, the government has made digitalization in this segment a priority in its Thailand 4.0 scheme. Aiming to help local manufacturers upgrade their business on the road to Industry 4.0, the government has authorized over $6 billion for robotics and logistics upgrades, along with incentives to encourage firms to upgrade their technology and equipment.

Thailand manufacturers have the potential to provide substantial and long-term economic benefits by taking advantage of this global transformation. The future of Thailand 's manufacturing industry lies in embracing smarter technologies and upgrading business operations.

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Pic. Source: Amata Corporation PCL

Pic. Source:  Techman Robot


Chon Buri
Chon Buri, Thailand

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