Emphasize new type of event : Hybrid Event


荣格实体会议活动将以全新面貌展现,新增网络直播服务,结合线下面對面互動特色及在线元素成为复合型交流活动(Hybrid event)以满足与会者不同需求!

In response to the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic, Ringier provides you with multiple options of participation for its events, based on your different needs, such as company policies and safety concerns.

Ringier physical events will take place in both a physical and digital setting, called Hybrid Event, to meet the different needs of all participants and let participants enjoy in-person networking and remote engaging at all time.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and will follow up with customers as the situation develops.  If you have any specific event questions, please contact us.

Brandon Lin       

Conference Planner          


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Amber Chang

Conference Planner and Supervisor


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