July 15 & 16, 2020

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Pullman Saigon Centre

Đường Trần Hưng Đạo 148
Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

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"Possibilities for food and food production is on the rise in Vietnam. More and more, the Vietnamese people are interested in and willing to pay for healthy and high quality products"

- Netherland Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Market report for 2020

Ringier is actively and continuously monitoring the New Coronavirus outbreak, in line with local and national authorities and public health advice and WHO guidelines, and our policies reflect those of the country authority in which our events take place.

Please check with your specific event website for more information.

Our current status with regard to the New Coronavirus remains unchanged: the health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff is our number one priority.

We strongly urge our delegates and speakers to refer to the guidelines and protocols as suggested by the WHO www.who.int   and local /national public health authorities to contain and mitigate against any further spread of the virus.

If you have any concerns that you may get caught up in an inbound or outbound quarantine, or are feeling unwell, you may want to reconsider your attendance at the event.

We are following local and national public health closely. Dependent on local and national health guidelines and locations of our events, measures typically include:

-          Public Health messaging displayed and shared pre and during event

-          Strengthened hygiene, sanitation, availability of disinfectants

-          Strengthened medical support

Customers who wish to participate in our events and who are not impacted by travel restrictions are free to do so. Travel advice and entry guidelines varies from country to country. Our event attendees are encouraged to check the latest travel advice and entry guidelines for the country to which they wish to travel before making arrangements. Several countries have imposed travel restrictions to and from mainland China, Korea and Italy.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and will follow up with customers as the situation develops.  If you have any specific event questions, please contact us.

Timothy Bryx    

Regional Project Manager


+886 4 2329 7318      

With the fallout of China-USA trade war, many SE Asian countries grasp opportunities to increase their shares in international trade and manufacturing.

Vietnam is one of them. However, Food & Beverages sector accounts for 15% of Vietnam's GDP and steady 7% annual growth. Growing influx of additional business opportunities is already overloading the manufacturing, operational and logistic capacity of their businesses.

In 2020 Ringier Events will tackle the most important issues for sustaining the development rate of the F&B industry in Vietnam:

  1. Natural ingredients, probiotics and prebiotics in front line of boosting the immune system.
  2. Increasing output capacity through automation.
  3. The role of blockchain technology in an integrated manufacturing system.
  4. Improving Quality Control to access higher profitability markets.
  5. Introducing healthy options in response to customer demands.
  6. Implementing Sustainability Principals – for both customer recognition and cost-saving.

Probotics and Prebioticshas proven to be effective measures in boosting the immune system in more than one aspects. Most people associate them only with digestive track health, but they have much broader impact on the immune system - including it's capability of producing antibodies. In these times of strife it is a crucial element and therefore we want to bring you 

Vietnam's economic momentum continued throughout the first quarter of 2019, with GDP growth anticipated to be the highest in ASEAN from 2019-2023.

In a region with strong private consumption, Vietnam is set to top ASEAN forecasts to 2023. This bodes well for the already strong retail sales growth. With Vietnam Dong being one of the region's most stable currencies, industrial output and investment remain vigorous as Vietnam develops as a key regional manufacturing hub. Exports and FDI inflow will be likely be strong due to the increasing U.S.-China trade tensions.