Market and Regulations

  • How to effectively implement the circular economy in plastics
  • The trend and impact of the new business model on plastic recycling
  • Achieving the goal of plastic recycling economy
  • Malaysian plastics industry: growth and direction
  • Waste management challenges in government regulations
  • How to effectively reduce plastic waste and proper waste management
  • Innovative plastic compounds toward easy-to-recycle plastics of the future
  • Smart Manufacturing and how Malaysian companies adopt global trends
  • lMalaysia's digitalization opportunities

Innovative Plastics and Bioplastic

  • Advantages and applications of sustainable plastics
  • Advanced manufacturing technology for bioplastics
  • Bioplastic demand and applications in the ASEAN region
  • High performance TPEs' applications
  • Advantages and applications of innovative plastic-PDK
  • rPET applications and market
  • Recycled pellet inspections/quality control
  • Bio-based/biodegradable plastics as applied in emerging sectors

Innovative Recycling Technologies 

  • Innovative recycling technologies and solutions 
  • How to clean recycled plastic more effectively
  • Advanced recycling technology for cost-effective operations
  • Pelletizing/granulating for cost-efficiency
  • Breakthrough extruders and their benefits
  • Pellet inspections/quality control
  • Materials handling/auxiliary equipment for recycling operations
  • Process cooling techniques